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Our flying sites

Deanland Airfield 

Berwick site

Edmfc has access to two fantastic flying sites which offers the modeller the facilities to fly a range of disciplines. The sites are situated in the heartland of East Sussex surrounded by Woodland and beautiful landscapes which doesn’t impinge on urban environs. 


Both sites are unique. One is a live airfield and the other is a field surrounded by farm land, each with their own set of rules.


Deanland Airfield is unique in as much as the club is able to fly as long the modeller respects the agreed terms as written between the Airfield owners and Edmfc. This adds to the modellers experience and moreover there are some interesting full scale planes to be viewed. The site itself has history going back to when it was used during  WWII as one of the forward airfields in support of the D Day landings. There has always been an established model flying club associated with the airfield going back some 40 years. 


Berwick Site  which Edmfc shares with "The Wealden model aircraft society". This is a field that offers flexibility with regard to wind changes and thus has been designed to accommodate the multiple rolled runways. This particular field is surrounded by typical east sussex countryside with the Downs to the South of the site. Once again it does not impinge on any residential environs. Access is made via the A27 which runs to the south of it. There is of course a small lane that needs to be navigated to get to the flying site. 


Both sites offer the idyllic flying experience and beautiful surroundings. 

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