It is BACK! The Me 108 will fly again

July 06, 2020

Great news the Me 108 is being built again. Click on the link to see the progress.

The New Norm ...Social distancing applied " Committee Meeting "

June 16, 2020

Committee meetings attended outdoors. The new Norm. A new landing page added - OUR EDMFC COMMITTEE.  

Great News For some Folks ! Limited Flying

June 03, 2020

Flying has resumed, limited numbers and a booking system is in operation. Flying was a social thing but now it is fly and be gone once done. No hanging around for a natter ! We are up to 6 Pilots on site. The limitations now are Numbers and weather. In two days if the weather is the right kind the whole Club could get a spin. 

The attached photo is hopefully what it will be like in September 2020. 

Someone Has been busy !!!

April 06, 2020

So NO Flying...Cabin Fever has surely set in. BUT out there KP has been busy with his Spit! and what an amazing model indeed. The metal paneling looks pretty realistic. This might inspire us all to get our planes dusted down and ready for the Flying season. What Season you say? ..... This Pandemic has surely shortened our Summer Flying. We will appreciate it more. 

EXtreme Flight " Bushmaster "

August 24, 2019

I am beginning to really enjoy flying this relatively large plane. It is extremely light and you can dial in whatever flight preference you wish to perform. It is an all rounder. Baby steps for me and gingerly putting it through its paces. This plane will be pretty much my "GO TO"  for the moment. There is a bigger version 120inch which looks great. Both versions can be spec with Floats if you are that inclined. 

The "Tiffy " Flies .......what a sound.

August 27, 2019

Kevin's very large Typhoon. I had the pleasure of seeing the "Tiffy" fly be it at Hastings site . It started as a miserable day with the rain drizzling - it soon cleared. So 6 flights later I managed to take a number of photos. The actual flight photos not so brilliant - the dark cloud prevented the model to be well lit. Anyway - The take off and landing pictures look great. So I am sure another visit will be required. 

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