Club Fees

December 16, 2019

A quick heads up - The fees have gone up to £70 - Please settle this before the end of the month. Also please can you make sure BMFA + CAA fees have been settled directly with the BMFA before you decide to Fly again Next year. 

This could be the last Notice this side of 2019. In the meantime Christmas wishes and a Jolly New Year. 

Cold and Windy.

October 01, 2019

A day for cross winds. The temperature certainly dropped when the cloud moved in. Quite  a few flyers braved the elements. It did feel like we were all trying to squeeze in the last few flights of the summer in. 

Vintage 2019 FLY IN ...Very Successful

August 31, 2019

Hugely Successful. It was well attended. The weather was little blustery at times but many flew. All thoroughly enjoyed the day. As ever the camaraderie was to the fore.  The enquiries to join has been added to the ever lengthening waiting list. Some amazing models. The Hastings " boys"  brought along their Spitfires " great show ". "Mr Whippy"  even turned up. Just a great Day all round. Photos will be added during the course of the week.

Sadly it does signal the end of the " summer flying season" . 

EXtreme Flight " Bushmaster "

August 24, 2019

I am beginning to really enjoy flying this relatively large plane. It is extremely light and you can dial in whatever flight preference you wish to perform. It is an all rounder. Baby steps for me and gingerly putting it through its paces. This plane will be pretty much my "GO TO"  for the moment. There is a bigger version 120inch which looks great. Both versions can be spec with Floats if you are that inclined. 

The "Tiffy " Flies .......what a sound.

August 27, 2019

Kevin's very large Typhoon. I had the pleasure of seeing the "Tiffy" fly be it at Hastings site . It started as a miserable day with the rain drizzling - it soon cleared. So 6 flights later I managed to take a number of photos. The actual flight photos not so brilliant - the dark cloud prevented the model to be well lit. Anyway - The take off and landing pictures look great. So I am sure another visit will be required. 

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